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My wife and I are missionaries with MorningStar Missions here in Copan Ruinas, Honduras.  Our life is serving the people of this beautiful nation.  We are going on 9 years here, and it's a beautiful life!

Part of our passion is trying to find ways to provide for the people's daily needs here.  I came across aquaponics from another missionary.  Immediately, it began to fill my thoughts with all the possibilities.  That's how the birthing took place.


More and more, I was being contacted with various questions about aquaponics.  What can we do to help others in building their systems?  How can we guide them through the process?  That is why I wrote the materials and produced the videos.  Today, we are in over 75 countries around the world.


I hope you find my materials helpful and will guide you through the process of building your own system.  It's truly remarkable and a joy to connect with you!


​Shawn Paul

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Disclaimer:  When you purchase my ebook through MorningStar Aquaponics, it helps us continue our work in Honduras.  MorningStar Aquaponics and MorningStar Missions are two separate entities.

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